Mongrel's Light

by Gilded Lily

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chrundle thumbnail
chrundle Goes for the throat like a feral beast.
Nihilistless thumbnail
Nihilistless This is the opposite of overly sprawling, self-indulgence. This is blackened metal that treats its songs like an assassination. They get in, and out and leave a bit of a mess in their wake. Favorite track: A Sparse Room.
Travis Aaron
Travis Aaron thumbnail
Travis Aaron No 3 minute intros building up to ultimately mediocre songs to be found here; Mongrel's light is an immediate punch in the stomach, and relentless up until the end. Favorite track: Houndstooth.
Harold Niver
Harold Niver thumbnail
Harold Niver Too much to love here. It's heavy as hell - it rips, it shreds, it's all that. But it's also got a keen sense of melody and is powered by strong songwriting. Love it. Favorite track: Glass In St. Mary's Lot.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) thumbnail
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Infusing only the harshest of black metal vocals and tremolos with insane speed, it conjures images of Absu and Cobalt. The additions of D-beat, hardcore, and death growls only take us further down the rabbit hole. These guys have some of the most intense, grim shrieks out there rivaling everything from Pale Chalice to Taake. Full review: Favorite track: Weakling Sun.
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Weakling Sun 02:56
Where the sun is clutched By the grey veil of clouds A weakling's light, bare and faint A colour like eggshells No room for the city's sigh Deafening, oppressive Bright and strong Now fenced and cowed This place brims with it Cowardly, brutish, feral Wounds as deep as trenches A mongrel's faith Is it cold in the place where they remember your name?
Bellflower 03:44
Where do you go at night now to clear your head? The idea of getting lost in the city is useless now There isn't a street you can turn on to That you don't already know the name of I can see you thumbing at the empty pocket Where you used to keep the knife you bought You used to think you could use it if you needed to The god you knew is gone He hanged himself from the bridge above the highway Just across from the place you used to work When the first cars were making their way south Before the sun was up
Motel Altar 02:37
Mercy is cheap Let's drink in rage Your docile streets Will crack and split Under the weight of our sins Transient whores Gagged on blood Shallow wells of morale Where crushed pills have failed When weakness took them Necks wrenched to injury Sawed-through with blunt blade And in whatever mangled form We arrive The vehicle of death Has ferried us to Orion The highway near our bodies Carries on
Your vices were childlike In this hidden place Where I first groped at your skin And the cacophonous mass Of guilt, lust and control Heaved onto my shoulders Broad for my age The wreath of youth Tender, green, ecstatic Haloed a hung head The Lord of your prayers Was tangled in the pulp Of disbelief God never cut himself on glass In St. Mary's lot
Heaved bellows scrape the earth The clamber of murdered sons Does noise assuage your pain, Stupid mongrel?
In the wreckage of a dozen burned bridges Picked through by mutts and beggars The mementos of languished friendships Where your whiskey-soaked years; Where the bottles of wine that bared your breast; Where the gray smoke of a newfound vice; Where the humming red halogen glow; Lay in an unhealing mass of resentment And shame Once I left the station To the sound of bells And the sheets of rain Greeted me with a baptism Of downtown failure And the same streets I had walked for years Looked suddenly different So give in to an old way Go where the roads go See where the city ends
I'm the contempt for your own child I cut you down for my own gain I am the godless one, the hopeless son And I will always bring you pain And I will always be alone, And I will always be the same I am the beacon of the mongrel's light I am an endless well of shame I forgave you Because grace looks like Sparse light, in a large room A pattern of living Callow and profane The walls are bare And have pockmarks From cheap nails
Amber Murk 04:13
Blankets of sheet lightning erupt, noiseless and amber Swallowing hard on the collapsed space As heat undoes the promise, where rust takes hold The tangled knot of useless bindings Indebted to the views of the northwest side Bent over balcony rails and beaten in stained bathtubs The pink boil of evening storms to watch you from Bruised and drooling on a living room floor Floating under the shroud, licking oil off your skin Idle and fucked, the weakness in limbs follows When the body grabs at light for healing That flickers out of reach in the murk of July Sleep in filth, loveless, worthless, used
Houndstooth 02:49
They will find you In the place where the curs whine at night And the whimpering strays sing you home The romantic sense of longing you clung to Is beaten into the cement of the curb Anointed with a mixture of alcohol And piss and spit and cum Where the carnal is holy Bared teeth in the flash of nighttime heat Rumbling violence along the street Patterns of a feral bitch Like the wound in Christ's side You are a wellspring of blood and water For the dogs of morning
It is late The air is gossamer Before it is velvet Thick and rich And blue You are stumbling Over something I can’t see I lag by several steps And in a crystalline second Suspended in the space Of cut glass And saintly bells A white light Towering unto God Once and then twice It is spring now Perhaps not in my life But certainly in this year Somewhere in the city A dog is struck and killed By an indifferent car Soft blue pulse Chlorine soaks A violent womb What else crests the hill That lies south?


"Harsh, broken glass black metal with deadly shards of grind."
-Kim Kelly


released August 5, 2016

Jordi Chapman : guitars, bass, vocals, programming
Andrew Helinski : vocals, noise
Cameron Killingsworth : drums

Gilded Lily is grateful for the combined effort and support of : Neil Smith, Matt Finney (as always), Damian Master, Christian Petersen, Noah Helinski, Quinn Henderson, and Stephen Parker, as well as our loved ones.

Written between August 2014 and March 2016
Recorded between December 2015 and May 2016
All songs by Jordi Chapman
All words by Andrew Helinski (+ Jordi Chapman on A Sparse Room)
Chris Alfieri appears on Houndstooth
Artwork by Quinn Henderson, design by Andrew Helinski
Mixed and mastered by Stephen Parker at The Wilderness Studios in Oregon. Contact :


all rights reserved



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