by Gilded Lily

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debut demo tape from Gilded Lily (members of Swarms)
Swirling, frenetic and punkish visions of warped black / death metal.


released February 1, 2015

music by
Jordi, Cameron and Andrew
words by
Andrew and Jordi



all rights reserved


Lion's Jawbone Barrie, Ontario

J. Chapman &
A. Helinski.

Platform for insular releases from us and friends. Ontario based.

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Track Name: Clasped Hands
Everything casts a shadow
Clasped hands
Empty bottles
Cocaine on a glass table
A family standing by a grave
I destroy everything that comes within arms reach
Track Name: Golden Mouths
Black ocean froths
Torrent falls rushing
Out of golden mouths
Forever swallowing teeth
And all silent at the gate
Before the throat
Lone French horn
Sounds across the water
Child cradles the father
Blank light
Enveloped by the tongue
Tastes of love
Lapped from the floor
Track Name: Two Dogs
Down the street a dog barks
The same as the dog barking nearer to me
But I heard the other first
One is fenced in by a tall gate
The other approaches in the seat of a white car
They hear each other for a moment before moving on
And I envision a conversation between the two
But there is no significance
One heard the other and grew agitated
The other was hungry
I wanted one to say to a brother of his
That he was not yet at peace
That he was sleeping in the home of an animal unlike himself
Track Name: L'Acéphale
Framed in dull grey against the sliding door
Visions of himself pinned against the cement wall
Cigarette stamped out on her forearm
Clutched at the red light inside of exit signs
Yawn of unused stairwells constantly hummed
The dark murk of summer, thick nights
A damp bed-sheet spread across the whole of a city
And out in the lightless space between streets
He vomits forth a sword

Protruding from his gaped mouth
And swung in a wide arc
They laid her in the river flowing with perfume and wine
Where the estuary leads
To the shore composed of them
Headless, somber, elegant